Lotus Ultra ISF Pre-Cleaner

phosphate-free cleaning concentrate

Insects · Dirt · Rims - Can be used as a pre-treatment agent for car washing with its novel anti-soiling formula. By using novel, highly efficient dispersants, the dirt is easier to rinse, resulting in an 'easy-to-clean-effect'. Very suitable for biological water treatment plants. 

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25 l 90092015
200l  90633015
1000 l 90634015

Lotus Ultra ISF is an extremely fruitful, alkaline cleaning concentrate based on nonionic.Amphoteric and cationic special surfactants. In combination with new complexing additives, maximum, material-friendly cleaning is possible, even with very hard water.

The surfactants used in the formulation are completely biodegradable according to EC Detergent Regulation 648/2004 Annex III and behave in the waste water environmentally neutral.

How to:

Lotus Ultra ISF is due to its novel anti dirt formula suited as pretreatment agents at the car wash. By using novel, highly efficient dispersants, the dirt is easier to rinse off; This results in an easy-to-clean effect. The limescale inhibitor effectively prevents limescale deposits and graffiti leathers in the further washing process. Thus, a soldering effect is already achieved in the preliminary purification. Dissolved dirt particles in the process water no longer deposit on the surface. Re-pollution is effectively prevented.

Lotus Ultra ISF is a universal pre-cleaner. Environmental pollution, petrol rims of over-tanking, insects, bird's-eye sweeps and exhaust gas residues are completely removed by their excellent ability to absorb dirt.

The integrated evaporation protection offers the greatest possible safety against stains and burns despite alkaline reaction.

Lotus Ultra ISF dissolves completely reliable all common types of dirt, as Chitinrückstände, pigment dirt, waxes, proteins, and other stubborn dirt. The high dirt holding capacity and the good rinsing capacity ensure an enormous efficiency; Even with high washings and short exposure time.


Lotus Ultra ISF is suitable for use in self-service Vorsprühgeräten, in all Vorsprühbögen of car washes and for manual application in manual spraying equipment. The product is a concentrated special cleaner and therefore it is recommended to use Lotus Ultra ISF only in dilute form.

In the spray unit: Pre-dilute 1: 5 to 1:10 depending on the degree of contamination. Spray contamination surfaces evenly from bottom to top. Leave in for a short time. Rinse with plenty of water

In the HD unit: Pure to about 1: 5 prediluted, depending on the device type

In the protruding elbow: Pur via a dosing pump of the protrusion device. Final dilution max. 1--5%


Do not use on hot lacquer surfaces, in high heat or in a blazing sun.

Do not allow to dry. Check for material compatibility.