SAFE MOTOR Co., Ltd is a locally registered company specializing in lubricants & additives, professional car care & cleaning, automotive spare parts, and auto repair & maintenance services. 

We began supplying auto vehicle from 2007 to dealers, brokers in Phnom Penh and provinces. During the time, we have noticed that the number of importing new and used cars keep increasing from year to year and at the same time the demand of lubricants and spare parts also have increasing dramatically. Since then in early 2014 we have started also to import and distribute automotive related products to expand our market in Cambodia. We mainly focused in premium and high end product quality for a safety driver in Cambodia. 

For those who want to make money, saving time & cost of repairing & maintaining on your vehicles/truck, long lasting use, be safe and comfortable in driving with premium world class products from SAFEMOTOR, please feel free to contact us.

So, we offer premium lubricant & additives, care care, auto spare parts, and professional cleaning solution.