BIZOL Truck New Generation 5W-30 E7


1. effective for cold starts

2. fuel saving optimized

3. thermal stability optimized

4. effective for easy engine operation

Product Description

BIZOL Truck New Generation 5W-30 E7 is smooth running motor oil of

newest generation. Because of its superior properties it can be used for all

types of commercial vehicles with diesel motors in all types of operating

and environment conditions (oil for the whole year). This fully synthetic oil

enhances outstanding wear protection and enables maximum oil change


Base Oil

Fully Synthetic

Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations


MB 228.5 | MAN M 3277 | MACK EO-N | Volvo VDS III |

Renault Truck RLD-2 | Deutz DQC IV-05 | MTU Type 3 | Caterpillar ECF-2

| Cummins CES 20078 | Iveco 18-1804 FE | DAF HP 1/HP 2

Available Package

20L Art. 83122* || 200L Art. 83124

*Minimum order required upon request