BIZOL Pro HLP 46 Hydraulic Oil

Product Description

BIZOL Pro HLP Hydraulic Oils are used as pressure fluids in hydraulic

systems. They contain ingredients which raise the levels of aging stability,

corrosion protection, and EP characteristics. Due to special additives they

meet all requirements and are being used primarily in hydraulic systems

where high thermal loads occur, water may cause corrosion, and whose

pumps and hydro-motors require oils with wear protection for mixed

friction due to operating conditions.

Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

DIN 51 524 Part 2, HLP | ISO class VBL / VCL / VDL |

AFNOR NF-E 48603 | ASLE 70-1/70-2/70-3 | CETOP RP91H |

David Brown S1.53.101 (E) | Denison Hydraulics HF-2 | SEB 181 222 |

US Steel 126/127 | VDMA 24318 | Vickers l-286-S3/M-2950-S

Available Package

20L Art. 82224 || 200L Art. 82214