BIZOL Pro Grease G EP 03 Gear Box

Product Description

BIZOL PRO Grease G EP 03 Gear Box is a high-quality lithium soap

grease for the lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings at higher

temperatures and extreme pressure. Besides corrosion and oxidation

protection additives, it contains EP additives which give this grease

optimum lubricating characteristics, and which retain their full

effectiveness even with the presence of 20% water. Operating

temperature range: -30°C - +130°C0

Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

NLGI class 2 | DIN 51 825 | KP 2 K-30 | ISO L-XCCHB 2/DIS 6743-9

Available Package

0,4 kg Art. 82090 || 25 kg Art. 82092* || 180 kg Art. 82095

*Minimum order required upon request