BIZOL Pro 10W-30 Tractor Oil UTTO


1. highly oxidation-resistant multi-purpose oil

2. especially developed for professional use of tractors, construction

vehicles and similar vehicles

3. optimal frictional properties

Product Description

BIZOL Pro 10W-30 Tractor Oil UTTO is a sophisticated multi-purpose oil

which is particularly suitable for forestry and agricultural machinery. It

combines the requirements of modern combined drive systems

(transmission and hydraulics) including wet brakes. It is a anti-wear, anticorrosive,

multi-grade transmission and hydraulic oil.

Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations


Allison C4 | Case MS 12 04/MS 12 06/MS 12 07/MS 12 09 |

Caterpillar TO-2 | CNH MAT 3525/MAT 3526 |

Deutz Allis AC Power Fluid 821 XL |

Ford New Holland 2C-200.00/New Holland 2C-201.00/New Holland M2C48-C3/New Holland M2C86-B/New Holland M2C-134D

| John Deere JDM J20C/JDM J20D | JSMAS HK P-041 |

Kubota UDT Fluid |

Massey Ferguson CMS M 1135/CMS M 1141/CMS M 1143 |

New Holland NH 410B | Parker HF-0/HF-02 | Volvo VME WB 101

Available Package

20L Art. 86412* || 60L Art. 86413* || 200L Art. 86414

*Minimum order required upon request