Windscreen Clear (Scheibenklar)

Product number: 

500 ml – 92141215

10L-       92141515

25L         92142015

200L       92143015

10000L   92144015


Highly effective glass cleaner


Is a special cleaner for all glass products and washers, also for all enamelled and smooth surfaces universally applicable, eg also in the kitchen. Removes dirt, grease, wax and silicone quickly and reliably without streaks. Highly effective. Harmless for paint, chrome and rubber.


Nextzett Scheibenklar is a special cleaner for all glass and Plexiglas and enamelled and smooth surfaces. On the basis of high-quality surfactants, with a biodegradation wheel of over 95%, as well as alcohol and alkalis, it removes any dirt and streaks-free dirt and ensures a crystal clear view. Water-soluble solvents provide an enormous ability to bind oil. The surfactants used in the formulation are completely biodegradable according to the EC Detergent Regulation 648/2004, Annex III.

How to:

Nextzett - Scheibenklar applies in professional as well as in the consumer area.

  • Easily solves stubborn grease, oil and smog residues
  • Removes nicotine and silicone residues
  • Removes wax and dirt residues
  • Offers maximum surface protection
  • Ensures streak-free clear vision

Instructions for use:

Nextzett Scheibenklar can be applied even in bright sunshine. No streaks or residues remain on the treated surfaces.


Open the spray cap by turning it. Nextzett - Apply disc glass to the surface to be cleaned. Tooth dirt with Nextzett - wipes or Nextzett microfiber absorb and wipe. Uniform wiping provides a streak-free surface. Repeat procedure for stubborn incrustations. After use, close the spray cap by turning it.