Wheel Cleaner Colortec

Brilliant care for all types of rims

Acid-free wheel cleaner cleans highly efficiently all types of rims. Removes self-acting even stubborn dirt and brake dust without additional finishing. Cleans gently and does not attack the surface. The safe application is simplified by a real indicator with color change. 

500 ml 97000515
5 l 97401515

nextzett Wheel cleaner Colortec is a sprayable special cleaner with a novel principle indicator.High-quality anionic and amphoteric surfactants with a biodegradation wheel of more than 95% form the basis for a material-friendly rim cleaning in the professional as well as the end customer area. The surfactants used in the formulation are fully biodegradable according to the EC Detergent Regulation 648/2004 Annex III.

How to:

Nextzett Wheel Cleaner Colortec:

acid free; Cleans highly efficient all kinds of rims

Removes even stubborn dirt and brake dust without additional processing

Cleans gently and does not attack the surface

Active indicator with color change simplifies the safe application


nextzett Wheel cleaner Colortec acts actively, thereby reducing your care and effort to a minimum. It offers tested material compatibility. Thanks to the acid-free special formulation, it does not attack the rim surface and is suitable for all types of rims (steel, aluminum, chrome, etc.).

  • Cold and dry rims should be sprayed completely, if necessary, cool rims should be cooled with water.
  • Colortec indicator: the color of the cleaner changes from transparent to violet during its exposure time. As soon as the rim cleaner assumes a dark violet color, you can be sure that the self-active ingredients have completely cleaned the rim. 
  • Rinse the rim with high pressure cleaner.
  • Dry the rim
  • Apply every 4 weeks.

Protect from frost!


Rinse after use rimless with water, especially tire valves and brake discs. Braking required.