Vinyl-Rubber Care and Protectant

Product number: 

500 ml – 972612015

5L        – 97262015

Matt glossy plastic care agent on an aqueous basis


With fresh air. Matt-gloss, solvent-free plastic care agent for all surfaces in the vehicle interior and exterior. Macromolecular substances, as well as specially adhering, film-forming care components provide on all plastic and rubber parts, bumpers, tires, cockpit and interior linings as well as paints for a closed protector film with long-term protection against rain, dirt and UV radiation. Protects against premature aging and greying. In the valve area, Aktiv Autobalsam offers a long-lasting antistatic effect, which prevents too fast dusting in the valve area.


Nextzett active car polish is a liquid, hydrocarbon-free special product mitmakromolekularen ingredients, adhesive components and other resources, which left a water-resistant, low-gloss film on all plastic and rubber parts, such. as unpainted bumpers, tires, cockpit and interior trim.

Through the use of special polymer components an effective, lasting application is ensured, which results in an optimal application even on vertical surfaces. This means a 100% product exploitation and high yield. Synthetic additives are added to increase the water resistance and dirt repellency, forming a closed protector film and thus providing long-term protection. The applied protective film protects all plastic and rubber parts from rain, dirt and UV radiation and thus against premature aging and graying. Furthermore, nextzett - Aktiv Autobalsam offers a long lasting antistatic effect which prevents too fast dusting in the valve area.


Application areas:

Nextzett active car polish is used on all plastic and rubber parts in the interior and exterior of the vehicle sector, such. as cars, trucks, motorcycle, train, bus and automotive coatings. Safety precautions: Do not apply to glass, steering wheel, pedals, or seats. Slipping!

Additional tip: Fantastically suitable as non-stick care milk for CERAN cooking fields

Instructions for use:

Shake before use. In case of heavy soiling of the surfaces to be treated, thoroughly clean the parts with Nextzett plastic cleaner and dry to ensure an even application and thus an excellent appearance after application of Nextzett Aktiv Autobalsam. Either spray the product directly onto the surface or onto a fleece or sponge and spread evenly over the desired surface. Intensive massaging supports the skin care effect. Then polish the dried film with a polishing fleece. Repeat this procedure if any striping occurs.

The following features distinguish the protective film:

  • UV-resistant
  • colour-refreshing
  • antistatic
  • silk matt shine
  • Protection against environmental influences
  • Not dripping