Universal cleaner + Smoke Ex

Product number: 

500 ml – 90201215

10L-       90201515

Highly effective, concentrated all-purpose cleaner with odour absorber


A phosphate-enriched, highly efficient multi-purpose surface cleaner based on biodegradable anionic and non-ionic surfactants. Removes dirt, grease, pigment dirt, nicotine and all kinds of incrustations. The odour is not superimposed! The odours are decomposed by biological means. A pleasant, long-lasting fragrance remains. 


Nextzett Universal Cleaner is a phosphate-poor, highly productive surface multipurpose cleaners based biodegradable anionic and non-ionic surfactants. Specially developed odor absorbers give the product an outstanding unique setting.


The recipe components are coordinated with each other in such a way that the cleaner has, on the one hand, excellent dirt and grease dissolving power, but also absorbs bad smells. Nextzett universal cleaner is ideal for cleaning artificial leather, plastic, glass, cotton fibres, textiles, tiles, ceramics, enamel, lacquered surfaces, concrete floors, walls, wood, doors and more.
Excellent for the removal of natural and synthetic fats, pigment dirt as well as nicotine and encrustations of all kinds. The odour absorbers contained in the formulation mask not only the smell formers, but decompose them by biological means. A pleasant, long-lasting fragrance remains.


Spray Nextzett Universal cleaner on the parts to be cleaned, a short time (max. 3 min) soak and remove dissolved with cleaning cloth or cleaning brush dirt from the surface. In the case of textiles, always carry the cleaning cloth in the direction of fibbers and dirt. When cleaning textiles with water, briefly clean afterwards to remove completely washable substances. For hard surfaces dry the product with a dust-free cloth.


Important note: Before cleaning the beginning by a trial order to check the material compatibility.