Cool Seal™ BigEZ™ Cartridge 

Large, prefilled cartridge works with BigEZ™, EZ-Shot™ and most popular caulking gun-style injectors. Can also be used with EZ-Ject™ injector using TP-2271 adapter and TP-2272 hose/ coupler.Full cartridge services 2 vehicles. 

  • TP-9745 – BigEZ™ injector assembly
  • TP-9749 – EZ-Shot™ injection gun
  • TP-9845 – EZ-Ject™ injector assembly
  • TP-2271 – EZ-Ject™ adapter
  • TP-2272 – Hose/coupler with check valve and adapter/purge fitting
  • 107472 – Adapter/purge fitting