Plastic cleaner

Product number: 

500 ml – 92441015


10L-       92442515

Highly effective special cleaner for all plastic parts


Milky two-phase cleaner with intensive dirt solution. Cleans and removes rubbing marks, tar, bitumen and nicotine thoroughly and effortlessly. Contains dust-repellent antistatic effect with whitening effect. For plastic, car seats, fittings, shelves and side panels. Biodegradable. Formalin free. Silicone free.


Nextzett plastic cleaner is a special cleaner spray grade alkaline-base with innovative evaporation retarders. High-quality surfactants with a biodegradation wheel of over 95% form the basis for a material-friendly plastic part cleaning in the interior and exterior. n Nextzett plastic cleaner refreshes the gloss of all plastic parts in the interior and exterior. The surfactants used in the formulation are fully biodegradable according to the EC Detergent Regulation 648/2004 Annex III.

How to:

Nextzett- plastic cleaners applies in professional as well as in the consumer area.

  • Easily solves stubborn grease, oil and smog residues
  • Removes nicotine and combustion residues
  • Offers maximum surface protection thanks to novel evaporation retarders
  • Ensures shine and freshness

Instructions for use:

Nextzett plastic cleaners should not be used in hot plastic parts, otherwise there is a risk of Anthracenes.



Nextzett Plastic Cleaner Apply to dry or previously cooled with water plastic surfaces. Immediate dirt solution by rubbing with a lint-free cloth or sponge. Wet wiping with a clean sponge increases the cleaning effect. Clean cleaned surfaces. Repeat stubborn encrustations with brush or sponge. After use, close the spray cap by turning it. When cleaning with a sponge, make sure that it is often washed out so that no crystalline fine particles can collect in the sponge and cause scratches.