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Nextzett No. 4 Hard finish (Polymer Coating)

Product number: 

250 ml        – 93020515

1000ml       – 93021015 

Hard lustre preserver for all metallic and coloured varnishes


Long-term preservation on the basis of natural waxes and polymer care ingredients, which builds up a natural protective film with excellent preservation on all metallic as well as non-lacquers with clear lacquer.


Nextzett Glanz is a special product based on natural waxes and polymer care components which also solid-colour paints with clear varnish builds up a natural protective film with excellent preservation of all metallic. The use of special wax combinations as well as a fine-tuned selection of high-quality solvents results in a brilliant, streak-free depth luster after polishing out, which leaves a long-lasting protective layer on all hard surfaces.

Application areas:

Nextzett - Glanz found both older well-preserved paints as well as mint paints his main field of application in the field of hard gloss protection due to the chemical composition.

As deep gloss finish is Nextzett - Glanz universal at all on the market solvent- and water-based standard and metallic paints used.

Due to the high wax content should Nextzett - Glanz not dry too long on the surface, because otherwise you have done the polishing with a lot of effort.

The best results can be obtained by machine polishing in combination with one
Soft pad or microfiber cover at medium to high turns.

Instructions for use:

Wash the vehicle thoroughly before use with Nextzett - shine and clear water. Then rinse and dry.

Nextzett Glanz not apply in direct sunlight or on hot paint.

Shake before use.


The vehicle surface to be polished should be applied evenly thin to the surface of the vehicle by means of a Nextzett microfiber cloth or polishing sponge. It is advisable to rub the polish, which has been applied with a fresh Nextzett microfiber cloth, evenly under pressure and then polish it to a high gloss. When polishing, make sure that the microfiber cloth is replaced with a fresh one to avoid clouds and streaks.