Nextzett Express Polish

Product number: 

1000ml       – 93151015

For all metallic and coloured varnishes, Cleans and preserves in one operation


Special product based on natural waxes, silicone oils, emulsifiers, lubricants as well as solvents and a fine-tuned selection of abrasives, which builds up a natural protective film with excellent preservation on all metallic paints as well as on uncoated with clear lacquer. 


Nextzett- Express Polish is a special product based on natural waxes, silicone oils, emulsifiers, lubricants and solvents and a fine-tuned range of abrasives, which builds on all metallic paints but also university varnish with clear varnish a natural protective film with excellent preservation. The use of special lubricants as well as a fine-tuned selection of high-quality polymer components produces a high-gloss surface, which is distinguished by a brilliant streak-free depth lustier. Wing occurring light is reflected without stray light, which can be noticed that no haze arise.

How to:

Nextzett- Express Polish place due to the specific chemical composition and well-preserved like new paints his main field of application.

As deep gloss finish is Nextzett - Express Polish universally at all on the market solvent- and water-based standard and metallic paints used.

Likewise, Nextzett - Express Polish as machine glossy finish of repairs, which with Nextzett - were pre-treated No 1

Particularly noteworthy is the excellent ease of processing with a polishing machine. The best results are achieved in combination with a soft pad or lambskin at medium to high rotations.


Vehicle with plenty Nextzett before preparation - Auto fluorine gloss shampoo and wash clean water from the bottom up. Then rinse and dry.

Nextzett - Express Polish not apply in direct sunlight or on hot paint.

Nextzett- Express Polish Shake well before use.

The surface of the vehicle to be polished shall be uniformly thin by means of polishing fleece or

Apply polishing powder to the vehicle surface. It is recommended to polish evenly rub with light pressure and achieved to polish to a shine with a fresh polishing fleece or soft-sponge. Be i m polishing sure that a soft microfiber cloth is used to avoid clouds and strips.

A uniform application may just drop be achieved s also by using a soft polishing sponge.


In this way, the polish can be more evenly distributed, resulting in even better results.