Lotus Ultra Effect

A Weakly Acidic Special Foam For Effective Preparation Of Drying. 
Special Formulation For Long Service Life Of Fabric And Washing Brushes.

A weakly acidic special foam for effective preparation of drying. Lotus ULTRA effect: - Nufa Ablauftrockner- Schaumpolitur- Treat Bürstenshampoo- Trocknungsoptimierer- extend the service life of textile cloth and brushes Very suitable for biological water treatment plants.(Silicone-free, mineral oil free.) 

25 l 91552015
200l  91553015


Lotus Ultra effect  is especially for car washes and portal systems with domestic water recycling, in conjunction with a highly alkaline prewash, developed special foam. The formulation is based on nonionic surfactants, inorganic acids as well as fragrances and auxiliaries. The surfactants used are readily biodegradable according Detergentienrichtlinie 648/2004. 

Mode of action:

Lotus Ultra effect  convinces with an outstanding contribution to the washing result. The service life of the textile cloth and brushes extended considerably, due to the integrated self-cleaning effect: TexProtect. By the action as a proton donor Lotus Ultra prepares effect the drying innovative and ensures that consistent drying results without the hassle of making adjustments on the dosing pumps. 

Lotus Ultra effect  is easy to rinse and gives radiance to any smooth surface.

Despite fluctuating domestic water quality is independent of the season reached a total outstanding drying results, especially when combined with our other products in the Lotus-Ultra series.

Due to the film forming effect to Lotus Ultra effect works as an efficient drainage means, thus achieving in commercial vehicle washes without fan excellent stain-free results.


Application and dosage according to manufacturer's instructions. Optimal effect at a final dilution of 0.3-0.6%.

While overdose improves the quality of washing, but the increased use of surfactants makes gradually deteriorated in the hot water quality noticeable. An overdose of a flow agent deteriorates the result.


For plants with metering 8-15 ml.

Dilute 1: For metering pumps with higher performance than 6 L / h 1

Dilute 4: If injectors 1: 2 to. 1