Intensive Plastic Coat (Kunststoff Intensivpflege)

Product number: 

1000ml -91471015

10 Litres -91471615

Universal gloss care for plastic and rubber parts such as bumpers, spoilers, tires, claddings, etc. Returns the original colour. Cleans, nourishes and protects against environmental influences. The product is UV-resistant and absolutely water-repellent. 


Nextzett plastic intensive care is a special high-quality product on the basis of fast evaporating solvents, high molecular gloss imaging components, adhesive components and other tools which one behind a waterproof, glossy film on all plastic and rubber parts, such as non-painted bumpers, rubber and tires leave.

The use of special solvents ensures an easy and fast application. The applied polymer components crosslink immediately upon evaporation of the solvents on the surface, which ensures an immediate protective film. The applied protective film protects all plastic and rubber parts from rain, dirt and UV radiation and thus against premature aging and greying.

Application areas:

Nextzett plastic intensive care is used on all non-painted Art substance- and rubber parts outside the vehicle sector, such as cars, trucks, motor-bike, train, bus.

Safety precautions: Do not apply to glass, steering wheel, pedals, or seat. Slipping!

Instructions for use:

For heavy soiling the surface to be treated thoroughly with nextzett - Pre-clean plastic cleaner and dry, so that a uniform application and thus a herrera-lowing appearance after application of nextzett - plastic critical care is ensured. Then apply the product to a sponge and distribute evenly on the desired surface. Intensive massaging supports the skin care effect. Repeat this procedure if any striping occurs. Since only a monomolecular film can form on the surface, use the product sparingly and polish unnecessarily applied product with a lint-free cloth to avoid strip formation after long periods of rain.

The following features distinguish the protective film:


  • UV-resistant
  • colour-refreshing
  • antistatic
  • glittering
  • Protection against environmental influences
  • wash