Industrial Cleaner W99

Highly effective alkaline cleaning concentrate; -NTA-free-

Highly effective, highly concentrated, NTA-free detergent for removing stubborn oil contamination, animal and vegetable fat encrustations, aged wax and resin encrustations, protein, sugar fractions and charred residues. Ideal for use in power stations, industrial plants, forwarders, swimming pools, shower cubicles, factory rooms or construction vehicles and working equipment in the food industry. Ideal for surfaces such as tiles, plastics, lacquer and tarpaulins. Easy to dispose of. 

1000 ml 90140515
10 l 90141515
25 l  90142015
200 l 90143015
1000 l 90143515

nextzett Industrial Cleaner W99 is an extremely fruitful, overbased special concentrate based non-ionic surfactants, which reliably animal and vegetable fats, protein, aged wax and Harzverkrustungen and charred residue and micro dust removed. 
The surfactants used in the formulation are in accordance with EU detergent regulation 648 / 2004 Annex III completely biodegradable.

How to:

nextzett Industrial Cleaner W99 is due to its composition suited as a pretreatment agent and a brush washing in automatic commercial vehicle wash, especially 
for material protection dissolving of strong grease and oil on Planning and trailers. nextzett Industrial Cleaner W99 away as reliable Chitinrückstände and other strong 


nextzett Industrial Cleaner W99 is suitable for use in self-service Vorsprühgeräten, in all Vorsprühbögen of 
commercial vehicle washes and for manual application in manual spraying equipment.