Cockpit Premium

Product number: 

500 ml – 92470515

Highly effective special cleaner for passenger car interior


Cleans and cares super-fast and fast with antistatic effect. All treated plastic parts of the vehicle interior are given a noticeably silky, velvet-mat film with fading protection and fresh air. All plastic parts remain matt and glare-free. Also suitable for cleaning all other smooth surfaces such as painted metal surfaces, plastics or ceramic cooking zones in the household. 


Nextzett Cockpit Premium is a sprayable special cleaner on the basis of readily biodegradable surfactants (> 90% according to OECD 301 E), water-soluble solvents and novel conditioning ingredients that leave a semi-gloss, anti-glare film on the cleaned surface. High-quality surfactants with a biodegradation wheel of more than 95% form the basis for a material-friendly plastic part cleaning inside and outside.

How to:

Nextzett cockpit premium applies in the professional as well as in the consumer area and acts several times and enjoys the following characteristics:

  • Easily solves stubborn grease, oil and smog residues
  • Removes nicotine and combustion residues
  • Offers maximum surface protection thanks to novel care components
  • Provides silky matt shine and freshness
  • Leaves a pleasant fragrance

Nextzett cockpit premium applies in the professional as well as in the consumer area.



Nextzett Cockpit Premium Spray evenly on the surfaces to be cleaned. Rinse the cleaning solution with a lint-free cloth. Pick up dirt with a lint-free cloth or sponge and wipe it off. After drying, an antistatic, non-glare care film is produced. For heavily aged, sucking plastic surfaces, repeat treatment. Product also excellently suitable for the Nextzett - Tornado. After use, close the spray cap by turning it.