BIZOL Technology Gear Oil GL5 85W-90 LS


1. for maximum loaded vehicle transmission

2. improved fuel economy

3. high reliability of lubrication

Product Description

BIZOL Technology Gear Oil GL5 85W-90 LS is a hypoid transmission oil

of the highest quality for extreme operational demands. It was specially

developed for the use in vehicles with limited slip differential. It contains

specific additives which grant not only excellent EP-properties, but also

the capacity to alter the friction coefficient between clutch plates in such a

way as to prevent ‘stick-slip’ and the following shaking. Thus, it meets the

specific requirements of all well-known manufacturers of vehicles with

limited slip differentials.

Base Oil


Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

API GL 5 LS | MIL L-2105 D

MB 235.0 | MAN M 342 M1 | Volvo 97310/97316 | DAF | Voith 3.325-339 |

Renault Axle | ZF TE-ML 12C/16E/21C

Available Package

20L Art. 84812 || 60L Art. 84813* || 200L Art. 84814*

*Minimum order required upon request