BIZOL Technology Gear Oil GL5 85W-140


1. reduces running noise

2. increased oil change intervals are possible

3. for axle drives exposed to extremely high loads in commercial vehicles

Product Description

BIZOL Technology Gear Oil GL5 85W-140 is a high-performance, highpressure

gear oil. It is manufactured from carefully selected base oils and

multi-functional extreme pressure additives. It is suitable for axle drives,

especially heavy-duty hypoid transmissions.

Base Oil


Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

API GL 5 | MIL L-2105 D

MB 235.0 | MAN M 342 M1 | Renault GL-5 | Volvo 97310/97316 |

Voith 3.325-339 | ZF TE-ML 07A/08/16B/16C/16D/17B/19B/21A

Available Package

20L Art. 87022 || 60L Art. 87023 || 200L Art. 87024