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BIZOL Technology ATF CVT


1. engineered for latest CVT technology

2. proper friction characteristics even under extreme operating conditions

3. excellent wear protection

4. fuel saving potential

Product Description

BIZOL Technology ATF CVT is a high-performance automatic

transmission fluid developed specially for the latest generation of

Continuosly Variable Transmission (CVT) gear boxes. Selected base oils

and a well-adjusted additive package protect against foam formation,

which is very important for CVT gear boxes. The product has excellent

anti-aging and anti-oxidation characteristics. BIZOL Technology ATF CVT

is suitable for the use in Autotronic gear boxes of the Mercedes A-and-B

Class. It is also applicable in many variable automatic transmissions of

different manufacturers, among others in Audi Multitronic.

Base Oil


Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

Ford Mercon C/CVT 23/CVT 30/M2C-928-A/M2C933-A | MB 236.20 |

VW G 052 180/G 052 516 | GM 1940713/Saturn DEX-CVT |

Hyundai SP-CVT 1 | Kia SP-CVT 1 | Mini cooper EZL 799A |

Mitsubishi Diamond SP-III/CVTF-J1 | Nissan NS1/NS2/NS3 |

Dodge Jeep NS-2/CVTF+4 | Subaru Lineartronic CVTF/NS-2 CVT |

Suzuki CVT Green 1/NS-2/TC | Toyota CVT-TC

Available Package

1L Art. 27820 || 20L Art. 27822