BIZOL Protect Gear Oil GL4 75W-80


1. wide range of application

2. increased oil change intervals are possible

3. very low pour point

Product Description

BIZOL Protect Gear Oil GL4 75W-80 is designed for the use in manual

gearboxes with re/intarder, non-synchronized gearboxes and auxiliary

transmissions. This gear oil can be used in commercial vehicles also with

extended oil change intervals up to 320,000 km and in passenger cars. It

can also be used when e.g. shifting problems occur with single grade oils /

high viscosity API GL4 products.

Base Oil


Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations


MB 235.4/235.11 | MAN M 341 E3/M 341 Z4 | Volvo 97305 |

Iveco 18-1807 | DAF | Eaton Europe |

Renault NOTE TECHNIQUE B0032/2 ANNEX 3 |

ZF TE-ML 01L/02L/08/16K

Available Package

20L Art. 28142* || 60L Art. 28143* || 200L Art. 28144*