BIZOL Pro Grease LT LX 03 Long Term

Product Description

BIZOL PRO Grease LT LX 03 Long Term is a special grease with

synthetic base oil and EP additives for roller and plain bearings at highest

loads. Due to its reliable lubricating performance it is extremely well suited

for highly loaded bearings, unfavorable operating conditions and extended

relubricating periods. Due to its extremely adherent lubricating film its

application is especially advantageous for machines and vehicles in the

construction industry, including cement, gravel plants and quarries, as well

as in agriculture. When applied on normally loaded bearings, the

relubrication periods may be significantly extended. Operating temperature

range: -30°C - +150°C

Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

NLGI class 2 | DIN 51 825 | KP 2N-30 | ISO L-XCDBH 2/DIS 6743-9

Available Package

0,4 kg Art. 82200 || 5 kg Art. 82205 || 25 kg Art. 82202*

*Minimum order required upon request