BIZOL Green Oil 5W-40


1. excellent anti-wear and corrosion treatment

2. outstanding cleaning properties of all engine components

3. unique dispersing properties ensure the highest level of engine

cleanliness, particularly in urban traffic

Product Description

BIZOL Green Oil 5W-40 is a unique motor oil of the latest generation

based on HC-Synthesis. Through the application of unique technologies

German engineers were able to develop an innovative product for the

latest types of gasoline,diesel and turbo diesel engines. It perfectly

protects against wear, especially under city traffic conditions. Because of

its unique technology BIZOL Green Oil 5W-40 provides the highest oil

stability for the whole life cycle of the engine. Its good wear protection and

lubrication properties remain unchanged even under extreme operating

conditions. The green color of this product is an indicator for its

incomparable technology and unique additives.

Base Oil


Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations


MB 229.5 | BMW LL 01 | VW 502 00/505 00 | GM LL B-025 | Porsche A40 |

Peugeot B71 2296 | Renault RN 0700/RN 0710 |

Fiat 9.55535 H2/9.55535 M2/9.55535 N2

Available Package

1L Art. 81040 || 4L Art. 81046