BIZOL Coolant Asia


1. outstanding long-term cooling system protection

2. protects against overheating

3. increases driving safety

Product Description

BIZOL Coolant Asia is a long-life coolant for protection of car cooling

systems. It is produced on the basis of ethylene glycol and contains the

phosphate components which are characteristic for requirements of Asian

car manufacturers. This product is free of nitrite, amine, silicate and

borate. This formulation has extraordinary long lasting change intervals till

10 years. Concentrate. To be mixed with water.

Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

Ford WSS M97B55 | GM Daewoo EDS-M-8210 |

Honda E-Coolant Green 08CLAG010S0 | Kia MS 591-08 |

Mazda C200-CL-005A4X/FL22 Coolant |

Nissan L250 Anti-freeze Coolant KE90299944 | Sangyoung SES N 761-01

| Subaru SOA635002/SOA868V9210 Long Life Coolant

Available Package

1L Art. 81450 || 5L Art. 81451*

*Minimum order required upon request