BIZOL Allround 5W-40


1. optimal increase of engine service life

2. rapid oil supply at low temperatures

3. suitable with catalytic converters and with turbo-chargers

Product Description

BIZOL Allround 5W-40 is a fully synthetic, high-performance, low-friction

motor oil designed for year-round use in modern engines. It reduces oil

and fuel consumption and grants optimum lubrication even under extreme

conditions. It ensures an immediate lubricating effect at cold start because

of its constant wide-range viscosity, which resists even extreme

temperature fluctuations. The unique compound of BIZOL Allround 5W-40

ensures optimal engine performance and oil pressure at all speed ranges.

The improved wear protection prolongs the service life of the engine.

Base Oil

Fully Synthetic

Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations


MB 229.5/229.3 | BMW LL 01 | VW 502 00/505 00 |

GM LL A-025/LL B-025 | Renault RN 0700/RN 0710 |

Fiat 9.55535 H2/9.55535 M2 | Porsche A40 | Peugeot B71 2296

Available Package

1L Art. 85010 || 4L Art. 85016 || 5L Art. 85011 || 20L Art. 85012 || 60L Art. 85013 || 200L Art. 85014