Anti-insect + pre-cleane

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1000ml - 91391215

Cleaning concentrate for easy insect removal

Concentrate for easy and gentle insect and mosquito removal of varnish, chrome, glass, rubber and plastic. Removes insect removal

ct stains by its unique creeping and dissolving power. With special keratin dissolver. By dispensing with enzymes particularly skin-friendly. Biodegradable. 



Nextzett Anti Insect + Vorrreiniger is an over based detergent concentrate based anionic and non-ionic surfactants, which Übertankungen, flue gas residues, bird droppings Blattlaussekrete and is suitable as a paint-friendly pre-cleaner for dissolving insects and customary contaminants such. B.. The surfactants used in the formulation are fully biodegradable according to the EC Detergent Regulation 648/2004 Annex III.

How to:

Nextzett Anti Insect + Vorrreiniger is due to its composition suited as a pre-treatment agent at the car wash, especially for material protection dissolving of strong grease and oil spills. Thanks to the integrated evaporation protection, it provides maximum safety against stain formation, despite an alkaline reaction.



To avoid paint scratches, rinse coarse dirt with water. Pressurize area to be cleaned with Nextzett Anti Insect + Vorrreiniger. Leave for a short time. Then remove insects with sponge or sharp water jet. Thoroughly rinse with plenty of water or bring vehicle to automatic vehicle wash. Avoid direct sunshine during application. Do not spray on hot lacquer surfaces.